Boston Window Experts Launch Convenient Online Ordering Service

Boston Window Experts Launch Convenient Online Ordering Service

Boston-based company Zen Windows has launched an online service to order replacement windows. They specialize in providing quick quotes, delivery and installation for all types of windows.

November 29, 2018 ( – Boston-based company Zen Windows has launched an efficient, convenient online service for ordering and purchasing windows. The company specializes in offering a no-salesman approach to selling various types of windows and sliding doors for residential homes.

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Zen Windows offers an online approach to buying windows. They pride themselves on offering a no-salesman and no-commission sales structure, ultimately saving the customer money and avoiding the need for pushy salesmen to visit homes before the purchase is made.

The company is a full-service window provider, offering a variety of options for all of the popular window types including bay windows, awning, garden, bow, case, double hung, picture, round top, slider and special shape windows in various colors, grids and wood grains.

Color options include forest green, rosewood, colonial ivory, almond, bronze, gray, coastal dune, royal brown and many more. The website has an education section with numerous resources and guides to help customers decide on, install and maintain their windows.

They also provide window replacements for front doors, sliding doors and French doors. All orders have the option of including in installer, where the company will send a trained technician to install the windows. Alternatively, the website offers step-by-step tutorial videos for customers interested in installing the windows themselves.

One Yelp review reads, “Last summer I used Zen Windows to replace most of our windows and they were great! I am going back to them again now to replace the remaining windows that we skipped last time. I would recommend them again and again, I am very pleased with their work – very professional and quick installation.”

The company is proud to offer an online, convenient, no-salesman approach and offers free 5-minute online quotes. Interested customers can find more information and get a quote at the link above.

A window replacement project comes with a significant price tag. Obviously, the cost alone can already be stressful for a lot of homeowners. However, once you start shopping around, things can get even more difficult. The process alone is often lengthy and stressful. This was exactly what Dan Wolt, Zen Windows founder, saw and wanted to change when he first ventured into the window replacement business back in 1986.    

People in the industry then were neither gentle nor kind. In fact, because of the high profit margin in the business, window companies were ruthless and overly aggressive. They bombarded clients with less-than-savory tactics and high-pressure sales pitches in order to make a sale. This earned the industry a rather unsavory reputation through the years. In addition, installers who went to the clients’ homes were equally notorious. Many of them came and went as they pleased, often disrupting the peace and quiet of their clients’ homes.

Zen Windows wanted things to change. To say that it was a daunting task is perhaps an understatement as the practices have been going on for so long that they were even considered the rules of the game. Needless to say, what Zen Windows offered was something new for the industry.

One of the things that made the company stand out from the rest is its no-money-down policy. No upfront fees are required from the clients. In fact, unless the windows or doors are installed, and the clients are 100% satisfied, Zen Windows don’t get paid. This gives the clients the confidence that they will not be saddled with substandard and improperly installed units; or that they will be ripped off their hard-earned cash. On the part of the company, Zen Windows was able to establish a trust-based relationship with its clients that goes a long way.

Zen Windows Boston will abide by the same principles as we aspire to offer our clients the best window buying experience ever. We will not demand you for any down payment. More than anything else, we care about your needs and your satisfaction. Unless you are 100% happy, you don’t pay us. Get in touch with us for a free and quick quote on the door or window that you need for your homewith no strings attached.


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