DUBAI // Three men were arrested by Dubai Police on suspicion of forging a residency visa.

The men, of Asian origin, were arrested after the French Consulate in Dubai called the police’s anti-cybercrime unit claiming one of the men had submitted a forged document to obtain a Schengen visa.

“The first and second suspect came to the office to receive the visa and they were arrested by police,” said Col Salah Bu Osaiba, director of the Anti-Economic Crimes Department of Dubai Police.

“They admitted that they contacted a third person from the same nationality who claimed that he can get them the visa for 9,000 euros,” he said.

The third man had travelled to the UAE from his home country and was received at the airport by the other two men. “They gave him the passport stamped with the fake residency visa along other required documents,” said Col Osaiba.

Police raided the men’s apartment and found two computers and a memory card containing forged documents.

The suspects have been referred to the public prosecution for trial.

Source: local