ABU DHABI // Google has launched a programme to help users find the direction of the Qibla in Mecca using augmented reality.

The Qibla Finder app uses a smartphone camera and location settings to project a line toward the Kaaba on the image shown on a mobile device’s screen.

Google’s service uses a digital compass and GPS locations of the Kaaba and the phone to determine the most direct route between the two locations.

The company said the feature was the latest in a series of application updates helping users mark the month of Ramadan, and that it would still be available after the holy month had passed.

Qibla Finder is available for all devices.

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Try it out here.

More details for the service can be found on Google’s Ramadan Hub website. The site includes a link to the Qibla Finder as well as television series available on YouTube and “sticker” greetings related to the holy month.


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