Dymphna Boholt Announces Publication of New Article on Real Estate Investment Strategies

Dymphna Boholt is announcing the publication of an article on the subject of real estate investing strategies for aspiring real estate investors. The article, which is available to readers on an immediate basis, discusses the role of scarcity and sustainable design in evaluating potential investment properties.

June 14, 2016 ( datsyn.com)Dymphna Boholt, a highly regarded real estate investor who has often lent her expertise to others through educational seminars and informational articles, is announcing the publication of a new article detailing the advanced and innovative real estate investment strategies she recommends to aspiring investors. Boholt’s article discusses the issues most relevant to new real estate investors, particularly those regarding subjects such as scarcity and sustainable design.

Emphasizing the importance of finding an investment niche in the real estate market, Boholt details the various methods available to new investors in determining the ideal niche or area of expertise to pursue. Boholt also offers an overview of the skills aspiring investors must work to develop regardless of the niche they ultimately choose to pursue, noting that there are certain principles in investing capable of being universally applied to every situation or circumstance. These principles, according to Boholt’s article, must therefore be deeply understood by all investors who wish to build a successful investment portfolio.

“Real estate investors are often eager to begin building their portfolio and risk making unnecessary mistakes that can prove to be quite costly,” said Boholt. “In publishing this article, my hope is that new real estate investors will utilize practical strategies for evaluating a potential investment and recognizing the need to focus on a specific type of property investment or niche when first getting started as an investor.”

Boholt went on to add that she chose to publish her article on Kobacker’s platform with the goal of bringing attention to the rapid advancements being made in the fields of sustainable design and green building practices. The aspiring investors Boholt hopes to reach with her article may likewise benefit from a greater understanding of the future economic benefits associated with investment properties built according to sustainable design principles or outfitted with clean energy systems.

Dymphna Boholt is a real estate investor, author and educator, and she has devoted the entirety of her professional career to sharing with others the innovative real estate investment principles and strategies that have been at the core of her remarkably consistent success as an investor.


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