DUBAI // A lorry driver and another man have been sentenced to life in jail by a Dubai court for importing more than 65 kilograms in amphetamines.

Prosecutors charged the Syrians with importing 65.2kg of the drugs with the intention to ship them to a neighbouring country. The pair denied the charge at a previous court hearing.

“I did not import it, but the drugs were found in my rented warehouse,” the 24-year-old driver told judges, who said that the other man accused was not involved at all.

His fellow accused told judges that he was innocent. “I didn’t see any of this drug they are talking about,” the 32-year-old defendant said.

A 36-year-old Emirati police major testified that police were tipped off about the two men hiding drugs in a warehouse in Al Quoz.

“We obtained an arrest warrant after we made sure the tip was true, then arrested the two men on April 21 last year,” said the police major, adding that during questioning the men confessed to receiving a large amount of drugs hidden inside ovens.

“The receipts and documents of the ovens shipment were all in the second defendant’s name, the duo told us,” the police major said.

The pair told police they were acting under direction from a third man who was serving a jail term in Kuwait for drug offences and that they were assigned to rent the warehouse and stash the drugs, the police major said.

“They said they were going to be paid for doing so,” he said.

Records show that police found the warehouse key with the driver, then accompanied the defendants to the warehouse, where the men unlocked the door and showed the drugs to police officers.

At Dubai Criminal Court on Thursday, the Syrians were sentenced to life in jail, followed by deportation.

Source: local