I have a credit card that I haven’t made a payment on for more than a year now. Will I automatically receive a travel ban because of this? I want to go on holiday but I am afraid they will arrest me at immigration. I don’t have any intention to run away. I just want a holiday. I have already received an SMS to say the bank has filed a police case against me. MC Dubai

If someone has a police case registered against them for non-payment of a debt, they are effectively banned from leaving the UAE. Any attempt to leave is likely to result in arrest. The reason for this is to stop someone from absconding and leaving behind a debt. When someone takes out a credit card they are signing a legal agreement stating that they agree to pay back the monies that they have borrowed. If they fail to make payments there will be consequences and these are well documented. In this case, MC states that she has not made a payment for a year but appears to have the funds to go on holiday and is in employment. She should therefore speak to the bank to arrange to pay back the ­money owed, as this should be a priority, not taking a holiday.

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